At Egap Recycling, we care about what we do and take a pride in the fact that our actions and work ethics make a difference. This isn’t just about the global picture of protecting our planet, it’s also about helping you with the ins and outs of your everyday processes and providing you with support.


Each year in the UK, we generate approximately 290 million tonnes of waste, which causes environmental damage and costs businesses and consumers money. Construction and demolition waste forms a significant part of that figure and is a significant contributor of waste to landfill sites.

In 2010 the total of construction and demolition waste for England was estimated at 77.4 million tonnes. With that in mind, it makes total sense to increase the recycling and re-use of waste within the industry, which will help to conserve the dwindling landfill resources and play a key role in the ‘duty of care’ we have in safeguarding the future of the generations that follow us.

Recycling Materials

Upon the return of our vehicles at our recycling centre, we separate out all building materials that can be processed and re-used within the building/construction industry. This will involve our crushing and screening the material to ensure that what can be re-used is free of other debris and include such material as:

  • Crushed Concrete
  • Road Plannings
  • Brick Hardcore
  • Screened Soils


Following demolition, there will enevitably be a substantial amount of brick and concrete material, which can be re-used at the site as core building material. With developers increasingly more environmentally aware about the need to recycle and re-use where possible, we can provide the necessary crushing equipment which enables all suitable brick and concrete to be crushed, stockpiled and re-used further for the redevelopment. This reduces the need to transport unecessary stock thus being a financially viable and more environmentally friendly option.

We will safely collect and dispose of all waste items large and small, including mixed general waste, Hazardous wastes such as discarded televisions, computer monitors, refrigerators, and cement Bonded Asbestos. We take care of everything including separating recyclable wastes, arranging extra staff for larger clearances and providing the appropriate collection vehicles. We pride ourselves on a professional approach and the highest standard of service at all times.

Waste & Muck Away

If a site is left unattended for any time prior to buildings being demolished and the site to be prepared for new construction, it is invariably the case that any substances and objects that are insitu will have been discarded and are therefore invariably waste, which includes sub-soil, wood, vegetation, bricks, stone, spoil and fly tipped materials. Removal and disposal of all muck away from sites generally means inert material, however, this is not always the case. If in doubt, the soils will have to be tested to ensure that they are not contaminated. If thought or found to be contaminated then we can arrange for the safe and correct disposal of the soil and any other contaminated material.

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